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TEACHERS: Share your lists quickly and easily with your classroom devices!

Type Defender's Custom Word Lists give you greater control over your students spelling and typing skills. Create and assign your students unique lists of your choice based on any grade level, subject, and more. Your students will have so much fun that they won't believe they're learning, too!

Crafting sharable Custom Word Lists is easy! Simply click the "Create Lists" button below to register your own account, add your customized word lists, and generate your My Word List ID to share on any iPad with Type Defender (version 1.4 or later)! Create Lists

Protect your honey and earn gold by spelling out words. Defend your castle against cute puppies, radishes, octopuses, butterflies, and chameleons. Use gold to buy spells, moats, and more in Ye Old Shoppe. Save gold to add to your loot pile and earn a place in the Type Defender Leaderboards via Game Center. Perfect your typing and increase your no-miss multiplier to earn more gold for every word you spell correctly! Just watch out for those ice and fire critters.